Thursday, November 4, 2010

Silent auction house-remodel -

Not sure what house this is, but purchased if from Craigslist for about $60. It was in pretty good shape, but needed a bit of TLC.
Here are the before inside pictures...
The Kitchen, I left this one pretty much as is, except for a new coat of white paint on the windows. 

Downstairs hallway, kept the flooring, and replaced the wall paper, house also got new stairs and banisters. 

Dinning room, kept flooring, but did repaper the walls, to something more neutral.  

New flooring and paper, see the wires above. Those all went, didn't want a fire hazard for the buyer.

Upstairs hall, new paper on the walls, paper flooring, new stairs. 

All the rooms got ceiling paper added to them. 

Got busy delivery the house and forgot to get room by room pictures. But this one is not to bad, you get the basic idea of what was changed. 

Had to paint the outside to something a little more neutral. 
Not to bad for my 1st finished renovation. 


  1. Wow-just the updated exterior paint makes such a difference!What fun!

  2. It is a beautiful shape. Your American houses are so pretty and I can see you will be doing it justice. :~)