Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st attempt at blogging......

Ok, so I have never done this before. I have only ever read a few blogs and thought "Why not, I can do this." So here it goes......

Please forgive the newbie mistakes I am sure to make while learning how to do this.


  1. I'll look forward to seeing your house. :~)
    Blogging gets easier as you go along and more fun as you find more ways to play with it.

  2. Hello there! I love the photo's so far and I'm really going to enjoy watching the progress you make with it.

    Like Christine said, blogging gets much easier and a lot more fun as you go along. I love blogging! Just sadly, I struggle find the time to do it some weeks. But it is a great feeling scrolling down a page and seeing the difference from one photo to the next and you blog the progress.

    Happy mini-ing
    i.e. FunkyMonkey :)

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