Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Up and Down....

So was able to work on AL a few days ago.
I started with the Up stairs girls bedroom. Finished the painting of the trim and added the wall paper. Placed the furniture to see what it may look like someday. Thinking about getting a Dark purple carpet for the flooring.

Then I worked on the Down stairs dinning room and kitchen. In the dinning room it was baseboards and crown moulding. Planning on staining the floor in the dinning room.  The kitchen received the red checked paper. Testing out furniture :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Frustration on the Lane.....

Saturday was a wonderful day spent with my husband going to visit 5 different train layouts. But after 8 hours of trains I declared Sunday a Lane Day :)  After a quick stop at my favorite local miniature store, and purchasing a few items, off to work on the Lane.
The 1st order of business to continue work of the master bedroom bed. Drilled the holes that the twine stringers will eventually go in. UGHH what a pain, it took at least 10 min just to get the drill bit to work, since it was an odd size and didn't want to fit in the Dremel or hand held drill. Hubby to the rescue....He got it to work, Yeah!!

2nd order of business to stain my purchases from the miniature store. WHAT A MESS!!!! Thankfully I invested in a box of latex gloves, so my hands do not show evidence of the battle yesterday. Got baseboards and crown moulding for the dinning room and the bead board for the library/music room, pre-stain conditioned, and stained. But due to recent rain, they were still tacky after 5 hours, so I was not able to install.

3rd order of business to install ceiling paper in the 2 hallways. Lower hallway not problem, upper hallway.... All I can say is make sure your house is SQUARE when building it. It took 40 minutes to install the upper hallway due to a 1/2 inch variance in the width.

Well progress has been made. I may reach my goal of 2 rooms baseboard and crown moulding complete. We shall see.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Silent auction house-remodel -

Not sure what house this is, but purchased if from Craigslist for about $60. It was in pretty good shape, but needed a bit of TLC.
Here are the before inside pictures...
The Kitchen, I left this one pretty much as is, except for a new coat of white paint on the windows. 

Downstairs hallway, kept the flooring, and replaced the wall paper, house also got new stairs and banisters. 

Dinning room, kept flooring, but did repaper the walls, to something more neutral.  

New flooring and paper, see the wires above. Those all went, didn't want a fire hazard for the buyer.

Upstairs hall, new paper on the walls, paper flooring, new stairs. 

All the rooms got ceiling paper added to them. 

Got busy delivery the house and forgot to get room by room pictures. But this one is not to bad, you get the basic idea of what was changed. 

Had to paint the outside to something a little more neutral. 
Not to bad for my 1st finished renovation. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Starting Pics....

So like mentioned Amethyst Lane has been around for about 1 year. These are the pictures to date of rooms semi-completed, with paper paint and flooring. Also 2 sections of the roof shingles. Still a lot to get done. Hoping to get 2 of these rooms finished with baseboards and crown moldings before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned to see if I make it.

1st attempt at blogging......

Ok, so I have never done this before. I have only ever read a few blogs and thought "Why not, I can do this." So here it goes......

Please forgive the newbie mistakes I am sure to make while learning how to do this.